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[REVIEW] LEGO 7181 – UCS TIE Interceptor (Star Wars)

Aujourd’hui, je vous propose la review du set 7181 dans la gamme Star Wars : Ultimate Collector’s Series TIE Interceptor.
Ce set sorti en 2000 (et oui 17 ans le pépère) au prix d’environ 125 euros dans nos contrées (100 dollars) est composé de 703 pièces, soit un ratio prix/pièce de 18 centimes d’euros.

The Ultimate Collector’s Series, or UCS, is a subtheme of sets. UCS sets are meant to be more detailed and aimed at older builders. These sets do not generally include Minifigures, but since 2007, most have included at least one. Most are also not designed to scale with Minifigures, though there are some cases (such as 75060 Slave 1) where the set is completely to scale. Ultimate Collector’s Series sets tend to be larger, and more expensive than typical sets. Commonly, Ultimate Collector’s Series sets were given a five-digit (10xxx) product number until 2014, when they adopted the 75xxx numbering. (source

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